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Tax Collections Representation & Past-Due Tax Return Prep

Resolving Taxes, Restoring Peace

We're professional accountants, not sales reps. We're not in the business of selling you dreams like some of the radio ads you may have heard. We've helped clients save thousands of dollars with tax resolution, restored good standing with the tax authorities, and stopped threatening collection efforts. We'll evaluate your individual case, and let you know how we can help you too.

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Fixing IRS problems & restoring peace of mind… one client at a time.


Resolve your overdue IRS and/or state tax debt(s) and get you back in good standing with the tax authorities.


We’ll evaluate your case to determine your unique needs and then lay out a clear roadmap of next steps to help you achieve optimal resolution. Whether it involves amending or filing overdue tax returns, arranging installment agreements, or pursuing a reduction or elimination of your tax debt – we've got you covered.


We'll be transparent, honest, and unwavering in our commitment to restoring your peace of mind. You’ll no longer have to navigate this journey alone. We’ll help you get back into good standing with tax authorities – we've made it possible for countless clients, and we’ll do it for you, too.


Are You Experiencing Any of These Problems?


Life happens -- If you’ve missed 1 year’s tax return (or 10 years), we’ll help you get current and compliant with the IRS and/or state tax authorities, ensuring you only file what’s necessary.


If you owe a substantial amount of back taxes to the IRS, you could face a tax lien or levy if the taxes remain unpaid. Once a lien or levy is placed on your bank account or other assets, getting rid of it can be difficult. If you are facing a lien or levy, or need one resolved, we can help.


A letter from the IRS is enough to ruin the best of days, but not when you work with us. If you’ve received a letter from the IRS for penalties due to a late filed return, or a late payment, we can explore the possibility of reduction or elimination of those penalties.


Red flag or random, the IRS has 3 years from the due date of a tax return to assess any additional tax that may be owed by issuing an audit letter. This is one of the most nerve-wrecking notices to receive, but you do not have to face it alone. ASE Group can represent you.

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If you find that, after filing your tax return(s), you have a balance due that is larger than you can afford to pay all at once, or at all, you have options. Let us help you get back in compliance with a custom solution, ranging from affordable payments to settling with the IRS for pennies on the dollar.


If your spouse (or former spouse) has improperly reported items on your tax return, and you are not liable for the tax, interest and penalties, ASE Group can help you assess joint vs individual responsibility, and seek relief from the taxes that aren’t your responsibility.


The IRS does (unfortunately) have the authority to garnish your pay with no consideration as to how you’ll keep up with your bills with what’s left over. Fortunately, you have rights too. If you’ve received a notice from the IRS regarding a wage levy, or they’ve already implemented one, let’s talk.


If you’ve lost some or all of your tax refund due to debt that was your spouse’s solely-owed debt (i.e. past-due federal or state tax, child or spousal support, or student loans), ASE Group can help you recover your portion of the refund while still reaping the benefit of filing jointly.

Here's How We Can Solve These Issues

Our success stories aren’t about dreams -- they're about real people like you who have saved thousands of their hard-earned dollars through our meticulous tax resolution strategies. There are relief options available that the IRS doesn’t willingly reveal. Our arsenal of remedies holds the key to your tax challenges, whether it's reducing burdens or eliminating tax debts altogether.


Commonly referred to as the ‘Fresh Start Initiative’, this is the most advertised solution, but has very specific qualification requirements. An Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) allows a taxpayer to settle their debt for less than what’s actually owed.


Rule #1 of an audit -- never go at it alone. ASE Group will represent you in your IRS Audit case and save you time, and more importantly, help avoid unnecessary headaches! Survive an audit, and minimize your stress, tax liability and penalties by engaging ASE Group to represent you.


In layman’s terms, this is a payment plan. Instead of paying a lump sum, you can pay your tax debt in monthly installments. Instead of the standard agreement that works for the IRS, we’ll get you into an agreement that you can afford.


Perhaps you owe a balance, and it can’t be eliminated but you also can’t afford to make payments. ASE Group can assist you in requesting ‘Currently Not Collectible’ status to stop the threatening letters and pause the payments.


If full payment of the total outstanding tax debt cannot be achieved by the expiration date (yes, IRS debt expires), and you have some ability to pay, this is a great option. You’ll pay less than you owe in an affordable monthly payment, and still obtain good standing with the IRS.


Penalties are assessed for late filings and late payments, and they can accumulate quickly. But what the IRS won’t tell you is that there are opportunities to reduce or eliminate penalties. ASE Group regularly assists clients with this process, and we can help you too.

Our Process


Free Consultation

Schedule your free + confidential consultation call. Consultations give us an opportunity to learn more about one another. While we're assessing your needs, you should be assessing if we're the right fit to bring resolution to your tax matters, once and for all.


Discovery Phase

This phase is required for any resolution engagement. This is the information gathering phase. We’ll obtain your tax transcripts from the IRS, analyze them against any information you’ve provided, and begin to create your roadmap of next steps to get into compliance.


Compliance Phase

This phase includes completing or amending any tax returns required to get you into good standing with the tax authorities. This may not be all of your outstanding tax returns – we’ll only complete what’s necessary (and beneficial) to restore your compliance.


Resolution Phase

This is the phase you’ve likely been waiting for, especially if you have balances due. In this phase, we’ll move forward with the best resolution option for any outstanding tax balances. We’ll work to achieve an option that keeps as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


Peace of Mind Phase

In this phase, we ensure you remain compliant through monitoring any tax liability resolution that was implemented, and ensuring timely filing of future tax returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “Back Tax Relief” mean?
    Back Tax Relief generally starts with compliance -- we’ll get you caught up with the prior year tax returns for the years in which you had a filing obligation. It could also include penalty abatement, installment agreement setup, currently not collectible status, offers in compromise, injured or innocent spouse relief, tax lien assistance, and so much more. The benefit of working with ASE Group is that you don’t have to know which of these solutions you’ll qualify for -- we’ll assess them all on your behalf and help you determine the best strategy for your needs.
  • How much will this cost me?
    After your free consultation, there are 4 paid steps to the resolution process; each is independently priced and completed. The starting fee for the Discovery Phase is $750. The Compliance Phase's fee depends on the number of back tax returns to be completed, if any. We must complete the Discovery and Compliance phases before estimates can be determined for the Resolution and Peace of Mind phases. We charge flat fees versus hourly rates, and will always provide you with an estimate prior to beginning any phase. The best way to stay within the quoted flat fee is to follow instructions provided, reply with requested documents in a timely manner, and continue to comply with tax laws.
  • How long does the IRS have to collect my tax debt?
    The Internal Revenue Code allows the IRS to collect on a delinquent debt for ten years from the date a return is due or the date it is actually filed, whichever is later (IRS Statute of Limitations (SOL) on collections).
  • How do I stay in good standing after my tax issue is resolved?
    Good standing with tax authorities isn’t just an aspiration – it’s an achievable reality. Remain in compliance by filing your tax returns on time. The Peace of Mind phase of our unique tax resolution process was designed with this goal in mind. It’s allows us to have regular check-ins to avoid any big issues. If your tax liabilities were due to under-withholding, we’ll work with you to adjust your withholdings and/or to determine adequate estimated tax payment amounts. Tax problems are taxing in more ways than one -- they are stressful and often costly to fix. Save your sense and your cents by staying in compliance once you are all caught up and have resolved your major tax matter(s).
  • How does ASE Group differ from the commercials I see on TV and hear on the radio?
    We love this question because it’s not even a comparison. The companies that advertise on TV and radio are sales companies with smooth-talking sales reps. We are credentialed tax professionals who can serve as your steadfast partner in overcoming tax challenges. When you contact them, please know they’ve casted a wide net so you are a number. You’ll speak with their sales team, and their goal is to qualify you for their most costly service -- an Offer-In-Compromise. So few people are actually eligible for an Offer-In-Compromise, but so many people would pay so much in hopes of reducing a tax debt to zero), and they prey on your desperation. If they can’t get you into a service that equals big fees for them, they aren’t interested in helping you. At ASE Group, you’re a person, with a name and a real problem that needs a real solution. We’re looking to help you resolve your tax problem, restore your peace of mind, and avoid any problems like these in the future. We’ll evaluate all of your options (not just the ones that warrant large fees), and we’ll get you into the best possible solution for your needs. Relief is not just a word – it’s a promise we’re ready to fulfill.

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