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We Are
ASE Group

A full-service accounting, tax, and advisory firm focused on empowering small business owners, non-profits, and individuals to build strong and sustainable financial futures.

Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their full potential, both in their personal and professional lives. Through proactive solutions, we enable our clients to achieve greater clarity, efficiency, and growth, freeing up more time for the parts of life that matter most.


Our Story

Our founder, Al-Nesha Jones, CPA, MBA, MOM, started ASE Group as the solution she needed to create freedom and flexibility as a working mom. With over a decade of experience in corporate America, she understood the importance of streamlining systems, financial reporting, and analytics, and she knew it could be done without having to sacrifice being present with her family. She was on a personal pursuit for flexibility and financial freedom, and a professional quest to serve her community in an impactful way.


The creation of ASE Group provided a unique opportunity for Al-Nesha to create success on her own terms. This is where team members don’t have to choose between meaningful roles and monumental family moments. It's where individuals and small businesses know they're a big deal because we listen to their pain points and provide solutions to help them succeed. She stopped looking for what she wanted, and what her community needed - and she created it.

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Meet Our Team

Al-Nesha Jones
Al-Nesha Jones

Firm Founder + CPA

Amanda Hansley
Amanda Hansley

Chief of Staff + Operations Manager

Ugo Williams
Ugo Williams

Controller + CPA

Our Core Values


We prioritize being honest, transparent, and supportive, even when no one is watching.


We empower our team to create an optimal work/life balance and are flexible in our problem-solving skills to find efficient solutions.


We approach our work with heart and care about our team members, clients, community, and ourselves.

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We focus on outcomes and embrace learning curves, innovation, and improvement to achieve incremental growth.


We are passionate about learning and creating efficiencies to be a valuable resource to our clients.


We prioritize our well-being and make time for rest, self-care, and joy to avoid burnout and be our best selves.

Children of Al-Nesha Jones sitting on a desk at ASE Group in New Jersey

Our Name

The name ASE Group was inspired by Al-Nesha's three children, Ava, Savannah, and Eli'sha, and is a combination of the first initial of each of their names. Al-Nesha founded the company in April 2016 while on maternity leave after giving birth to Ava.

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