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Why ASE Group is perfect for

We understand that your priority is to make a positive impact in your community, and we're here to support your mission by providing you with reliable and trustworthy accounting and advisory support to meet your unique needs.

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Are you ready to...

ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and receive financial expertise for your non-profit organization?

receive financial management support and reporting assistance to ensure sustainability for your non-profit organization?

advance the programs and services of your non-profit organization with grant management expertise and support?

An Accounting Partner Who Understands Your Specific Needs As A Non-Profit

As a non-profit organization, you want to focus on your mission and making a difference in the world, not worry about accounting and tax issues. At ASE Group, we offer reliable and trustworthy services tailored to meet the needs of non-profit organizations like yours, so you can focus on what really matters.

Enjoy the benefit of predictable monthly fees without any hidden costs to give you peace of mind and help you focus on your mission.

Our non-profit specific accounting methods will streamline your 990 reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

Our simplified and transparent approach provides clarity and empowers you to achieve your mission-driven goals with confidence.

We provide a solid foundation for your financial decision-making, so you can make informed choices and maximize your resources.

Our attention to detail ensures that you stay on top of deadlines and deliverables to avoid lapses in grants or interruptions to your 501c3 designation.

With our scalable systems in place, you can take your non-profit to new heights of growth without worrying about your accounting needs.

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Let's Get Started!


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Client of ASE Group Accounting Firm for Small Businesses and Individuals in New Jersey

ASE Group is such a large part of the what makes it possible for our agency to successfully assist the members of the community that we serve. Being a non-profit organization is a challenge. However, being a state-funded non-profit with very specific budget limitations comes with different challenges. This group of professionals is extremely knowledgeable, and work with us to make sure that our agency is fiscally healthy. We are definitely better with them on board.

Nikki A.

Assistant Executive Director, Family Support Organization of Middlesex County

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