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Tea & Tax Talk

What's Your Why?

What’s your WHY? While you think of yours, I’ll tell you mine. I’m Al-Nesha -- CPA and founder of ASE Group. Fun fact -- ASE is the combination of the first initial of each of my children’s names. They're a huge part of my WHY. Wanting to create a space where team members and clients equally feel like they can prioritize the nouns that bring them joy (like I get to do with my family), remains at the top of my dream business list.

The other part of my WHY…. is YOU. When I started the firm, I was looking to serve small business owners differently. All too often, small businesses are an afterthought, but we’re the backbone of our families and communities. When an entrepreneur wins, it’s a win for a family, a generation, a neighborhood, and I wanted to be a part of that. So… how do we do it?

How could ASE Group support me?

ASE Group is a full-service accounting, tax, and advisory firm. We’re focused on empowering small business owners to build strong and sustainable businesses.

We make the dollars make sense through solid recordkeeping, proactive tax planning, tax preparation, and year-round advisory support for entrepreneurs.


  • We provide bookkeeping services via QuickBooks Online and support small business owners with startup bookkeeping needs through CFO-level recordkeeping. We’ll help you develop systems to make accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, receipt storage, and financial analysis easy. Need training on QuickBooks Online? We do that too!

Tax Preparation + Strategic Tax Planning

  • What if I told you that tax preparation with ASE Group isn’t stressful?? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

  • We bundle tax preparation with planning, which means we don’t just connect with clients during tax time. We believe in proactive tax planning and estimated tax support to ensure that by the time we begin preparing taxes, we’ve minimized the liabilities, we’ve been in communication about life changes all year, and the appropriate amount of tax has been withheld and remitted. The tax return filing at that point is just a formality. Are you ready for that level of tax support??


  • We all have our ‘thing’ that we do really well, and if accounting and tax aren’t yours -- don’t worry. They’re our ‘thing’. We’re happy to be your team, helping you to understand how new tax laws, deductions, and credits, impact you, your business and your tax bill.

  • Tired of getting to your tax appointment and not knowing if you’ll owe $10 or $10,000? Not sure what entity is the most tax advantageous for your business? Advisory services cover that. Get the answers you need when they matter most -- as life is happening.

Tax Resolution

Life happening is the one thing we can count on. And if you find yourself staring at a stack of unopened mail from the IRS and feeling defeated or like you have no way out, rest assured that you have options.

If you’re ready to get back your sleep and gain peace of mind, the ASE Group resolution team can assist.

What’s our goal?

  • Simple process.

  • Straightforward pricing.

  • Stellar solutions.

We exist to make your accounting and tax life easier. To give you back time to focus on what matters most. Make ASE Group a part of your financial team.

I’m Al-Nesha. This is ASE. And you belong here.


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