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Tea & Tax Talk

This is not your average accounting and tax firm.

If you’ve found yourself on our site for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Al-Nesha -- CPA, MBA and MOM of 3, and I’ve only ever been an accountant. Prior to founding ASE Group, I spent over a decade working in Corporate America -- from a Big 4 accounting firm to a Fortune 100 company. I’ve always known numbers -- it comes naturally. Systems, financial reports, analytics… it’s all music to my ears. I can visualize a system or workflow and my brain immediately starts to identify ways to streamline it. If you asked me what my superpower was, it’d be making dollars make sense.

But I wasn’t fulfilled -- by 2016, I was a mom of 3 and I wasn’t happy with the type of work I was doing, the impact I was making, or the flexibility I had to support my family. I was on a personal pursuit for flexibility and financial freedom, and a professional quest to serve my community in an impactful way. So I changed it. I started a firm where small businesses know they're a big deal. Where team members don’t have to choose between meaningful roles and monumental family moments. Where we could amplify our impact. I stopped looking for what I wanted, and what my community needed - and I created it.

What are we passionate about?

Supporting Small Business Owners

Our strongest passion is serving entrepreneurs and small-business owners, and helping them to create strong and sustainable businesses. The type of businesses that lead to financial freedom, generational wealth, and joy… because you don’t start a business to be miserable, right?!

When an entrepreneur starts a business, they don’t just change things for themselves -- they build in a community. They create jobs in that community. They’ll inspire people in their community, and create wealth for themselves, their employees, and the generations to come. With wealth comes financial freedom -- and what does financial freedom buy? Time. For the nouns that bring you joy. For the causes that matter most to you. For the life you dream of.


Education is empowerment. And we’re not just talking about higher education. There’s power in understanding your financials, your tax return, and how your data strengthens your decisions. We strive for that kind of empowerment for clients, peers, and team members.


A huge part of my joy is in helping others. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving. At ASE, our impact not only lies in supporting causes monetarily, but it’s also in our efforts. It’s helping a small business owner prepare for obtaining financing, or expand their team. Or solving a never-ending tax issue so that a family can focus on building generational wealth. And these small impacts amount to major wins for our clients and community.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re authentic. The real kind. Where we don’t judge you for where you are because we’re more focused on where you want to be.

We want you to win. And we know what it takes to get you there, so we’ve curated service offerings to make it happen.

We’re transformational partners. One community. One family. One business owner at a time.

I’m Al-Nesha. This is ASE. And you… belong here.


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