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Accounting & Tax Services


Serving New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania

​Individuals | Small Businesses | Non-Profits



Keeping you safe with virtual service offerings



It's Our Specialty!

And we're not talking just tax

returns once a year. We're all about

year-round tax compliance, tax liability resolution, estimated tax calculations and remittance, and tax planning.

If you're looking for a reliable relationship with a CPA, you've found your home. You're not just a number here. Let us help you gain control over your tax matters once and for all. 



We're Certified in it!

If you can't quantify your business performance in just a few short clicks, let's connect. We don't just love QuickBooks Online; all of our bookkeepers are certified in the software. The firm's founder even teaches it at a local college! If bookkeeping is giving you nightmares, give us a call. We've got a package to fit your needs and help you make sense of the dollars in no time.



Yup, we do that too!

Not sure what type of entity you want to start? Registering your business can be daunting. Online services offer no guidance or consultation.

Make an education decision and get your business registered right when you do it with ASE Group.

We'll handle the process from consultation to delivering your final business docs, and even remind you

of annual filings. Get off to the right start with ASE Group.



We love to provide guidance!

One on one time to get your questions answered and develop a plan is priceless. We set aside time

to provide consultations to individuals, small business and non-profits regarding business planning, tax planning, system implementation, business start-up, entity selection, debt reduction, personal financial well-being and tax resolution.

You choose in-person or virtual,

and we take it from there.



Guaranteed or You Don't Pay!

Non-profits are so important to our community, and we understand how important a 501c3 designation is to your organization. We have a

hands-on approach to assisting --

we'll prepare all of your documents and submit your application. Application denied because of us? You'll pay nothing (but don't worry,

it's never happened!). Let us help you take your non-profit organization

to the next level. 


ASE Group was founded in 2016 to help individuals and business owners

protect what's most important to them through tax compliance,

minimization of tax liabilities, and sound record-keeping. 

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"When clients decide to work with ASE Group, I want them to know that they're moving

from hurdles to solutions. You're not just a number here. You matter.

Your peace of mind matters. Your increased efficiencies matter. We're in the business

of helping clients sleep better knowing they have a valuable partner in us."

Al-Nesha Jones, CPA, MBA

Firm Founder


- Tonette L.

"I don't have a positive word large enough to express how pleased I am with ASE Group and my accountant."



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