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Tax Services

Tax Services

Believing that you only need to

think about taxes once per year. 

Tax planning is year-round so it's no coincidence that

ASE Group is available year-round to support you.

We stay on top of the ever-changing tax laws so you don't have to. 

Minimizing Tax Liabilities
& Maximizing Convenience 

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ASE Group specializes in small business and individual tax return preparation for clients with multi-sourced income (most commonly, a mix of W-2 employment, self-employment income, rental income, and/or capital gains/losses), multi-state income (living and/or working in different states),  Form 1065  partnership tax returns, and 

Form 1120S S-Corp tax returns. 

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We are accountants, not sales reps. We're not in the business of selling you dreams like some of the radio ads you may have heard. But we have helped clients save thousands of dollars with tax resolution, restored good standing with the tax authorities, and stopped threatening collection letters. We'll evaluate your individual case, and let you know how we can help you too. 

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No two tax plans are alike. Scheduling

a strategic tax planning session is an opportunity for us to help you create

a unique road-map to bridge your current situation to your future goals. 

According to a study released by the

US Government's General Accounting Office, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.

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If you are a new ASE Group client,

the review of your prior year tax return is always included in your current

year tax return prep fee.

We'll review for opportunities to take advantage of additional deductions and tax savings. 

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Unless the IRS and state tax authorities won't accept your return electronically, your return will be e-filed.

You'll choose between receiving any anticipated refunds via check or

direct deposit to your account. 

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The best compliment you can give us is a referral to your friends and family. And as our thank you, you'll receive a gift card or discount for each referral (you choose!). Thank you for being the best part of ASE Group. 


We love making taxes less taxing on you, your family and your business. 


1) Do you provide free consultations?
Always! It's the best way to assess if we'll be a good fit for one another. You can schedule your free consultation by clicking here. It'll be casual, informal and informative. It won't be awkward, long and it won't cost you anything (besides 15-20 minutes of your time). We'll follow up with a quote or proposal based on our discussion, and you'll take all the time you need to decide if you'd like to move forward. 

2) How do I provide tax documents to you?
Securely. We believe in safeguarding your information while also helping you to store your tax documents for years to come. For that reason, we ask that you upload all documents to our secure online portal for our review. All clients are required to complete a tax questionnaire and upload tax documents. The questionnaire helps us to assess if we've received all of your tax documents and help you identify anything missing based on what we know about you. Uploading your documents gets them to us instantly for review and allows us to store them electronically and securely. If you do not have access to a scanner, camera phone or computer, you are welcome to bring your documents to the office and a member of our team will scan them for you. We ask that you refrain from emailing and faxing documents.

3) Do you only work virtually?
No. We have an office in West Orange, NJ, and you are more than welcome to schedule your tax appointment as an in-office visit. We do still require that you upload your tax documents prior to scheduling your tax appointment. This helps us to use our time together more efficiently. Instead of coming in and watching us key in data and rush through processing your information, we'll do the majority of the hard work before our meeting. This gives us time to work on your tax return without distraction, think through it and have it reviewed. When we meet, we'll discuss the return, resolve open items and review potential strategies. Now that's time well spent! 

4) Can you prepare multiple years of tax returns? 
Of course. It's one of our specialties. We love to bring clients back to good standing with the tax authorities. Whenever possible, we'll e-file your returns, but if it's an amendment or an older return that can not be e-filed, we can mail it in on your behalf and track it until it's been received by the IRS and/or state tax authorities. 

5) How does pricing work? 
We're glad you asked! We start with an estimate from the initial consultation. Estimates are based on median pricing. Pricing is based on schedules required for filing, and complexity. If we find that a portion of your return is more complex and takes more time, it can increase the estimated price. If it is super simple or has minimal activity, we'll decrease the estimated price. We'll always provide an estimate. We'll always explain changes in the estimated price. 

6) What are my options to pay for tax prep?
Payment is due after your tax documents have been reviewed and before we file your tax return. You'll receive an invoice via email where you can remit payment via ACH (bank transfer) or Credit Card. Most individual returns with anticipated refunds are also eligible to use the "Pay by Refund" bank product where you pay nothing out of pocket and instead have your tax prep fee deducted from your refund. NOTE: ASE Group partners with Refund Advantage/MetaBank to provide this service. Refund Advantage charges a convenience fee for this service that is separate from ASE Group's tax prep fee. 

7) What if I owe/have a tax liability? Will you assist me?
Of course. Assisting you with tax liabilities is also one of our specialties. Our primary goal is to reduce Unexpected tax liabilities, so we'll explore why you have a tax liability and the best course of action to resolve it. 

8) Will you outsource my tax return prep? 
Never. All work is performed by ASE Group employees. Not interns. Not temporary staff. Only qualified accountants employed by ASE Group. 

9) Do you have office hours?
We do. But we're flexible and are available in the evenings and on Saturdays to meet with you. 

10) Can I bring my child(ren) to my tax appointment?
Of course! And if you let us know they're coming with you, we'll order pizza to the office for dinner and make sure that there are snacks available for them. 

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