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Breakthrough ADR Podcast - Breaking Into

The Business Industry/ Choosing The Right Business Partner (feat. Chief Problem Solver, Al-Nesha Jones)

On this episode, Damali discusses your messages with Chief Problem Solver, Al-Nesha Jones. Al-Nesha is the founder of ASE Group, an Accounting, Tax, Administrative Services, and Virtual Office Solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a double concentration in Accounting and Marketing, and an MBA in Management, both from Montclair State University. She earned her CPA license in 2009, and later earned her QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor. In addition to running ASE Group, Al-Nesha serves as an adjunct instructor at a local community college, and a mentor at her alma mater. Tune in to hear the discussion!!

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CHIP Represented Series - 5 Tax-Saving Strategies for Small Business Owners

CHIP Presents another episode of the Represented Series. The REPRESENTED series features financial professionals of color sharing their journey in the financial industry or sharing their knowledge of specific financial subjects.

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