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Accounting Services


Committed to exceeding

your expectations that 

DIY software could never...

As a registered accounting firm, we adhere to certain ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations. In simple terms, we're not only personally dedicated to providing moral and honest service; we're professionally obligated to do so. 

We've developed a unique system to simplify your accounting. We provide the same level of service virtually as you would receive in our office, and we utilize the most secure methods in transmitting your confidential information.

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ASE Group accountants are not only certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors; it's the only bookkeeping software we support which means

we know it really well. If you can't pull April vs. August's business performance with just a few clicks, struggle with A/R, A/P and/or managing receipts, or only do your bookkeeping once a year for tax season, let's connect.

We have a package designed to fit your needs and budget.

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Accuracy and timeliness are key when it comes to payroll. Rest assured that when ASE Group handles your payroll, it'll be correct and on time. We can assist with e-timesheet implementation, employee and contractor enrollment, and will even issue W-2s and 1099 at year-end. 

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Not ready to hand off your bookkeeping to the pros just yet?

No worries. ASE Group can set up your QuickBooks Online account, customize it, get your accounts connected and even provide training tailored to your specific needs. Upon completion, you will be able to do 80% of your bookkeeping on your own!

We can even get you on a quarterly review bookkeeping plan.

How's that for empowering you

as a business owner? 



Non-profits are so important to our community, and we understand how important a 501c3 designation is to your organization. We have a

hands-on approach to assisting -- we'll prepare all of your documents and submit your application. Application denied because of us? You'll pay nothing (but don't worry, it's never happened!). Let us help you

take your non-profit organization

to the next level. 



Not sure what type of entity you want to start? Registering your business can be daunting. Online services offer no guidance or consultation.

Make an educational decision and get your business registered right when you do it with ASE Group.

We'll handle the process from consultation to delivering your final business docs, and even remind

you of annual filings. 



One-on-one time to get your questions answered and develop a plan is priceless. We set aside time to provide consultations to individuals, small business and non-profits regarding business planning, tax planning,

system implementation, business

start-up, entity selection, debt reduction, personal financial well-being and tax resolution.

You choose in-person or virtual,

and we take it from there.​


If you're looking for a long-term professional relationship with an efficient

and skilled accounting team - partner with ASE Group. 

Enhance your workflow.

Gain confidence around the accuracy of your financial records.

Expand your efficiency.

Get back hours each month to focus on your growing business.

Elevate your business.

Equipping you to gauge the

health + well-being of your business.


1) Do I need to purchase QuickBooks software?
This depends on your needs, but for most of our clients, no. We use QuickBooks Online, and your QuickBooks subscription is included in your monthly services package.

2) What if I've already purchased QuickBooks software, or I use QuickBooks Desktop?
That's ok. During your free consultation, we'll discuss your business needs and offer our professional opinion on what QuickBooks software would best suit your needs. We don't support QuickBooks Desktop (primarily because we support clients virtually and it is more efficient to use the Online version), but that doesn't mean we can't support you. If you've already subscribed to QuickBooks Online, and you are getting a good rate, great! If not, and we can save you additional money, we'll most certainly let you know that. If you decide you're willing to try QuickBooks Online, but you've already purchased QuickBooks Desktop, depending on your contract, we may cover the cost of your Online subscription for a period of time to make up for the expense you paid for the QuickBooks software you've already purchased. Our goal is to make your business, and our relationship, as efficient as possible.

3) Do you work from client job sites, or only virtually?
We work virtually from our office in West Orange, NJ. We have all of the technology we need here to support your business' bookkeeping needs, and our operations are so seamless that you won't even miss us at your place of business! This does not mean that we don't travel to client sites if necessary. We also regularly host clients at our office, and we'd love to see you in person!

4) I did my own bookkeeping for a while and may have made a mess. Can you help me and is it expensive?
It's ok; mistakes happen. We're just happy you've decided to consult with professionals now. Yes, we can help! And no, it's not necessarily expensive.  Call or e-mail us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your business and the current state of your bookkeeping so that we can provide you with a rate. Rates for QuickBooks clean-up and/or setup are determined on a case-by-case basis.

5) I've seen other bookkeepers that charge $15-$20/hr; why is your rate higher?
We're very upfront when it comes to money... after all, it's our business to appropriately account for your business' money. We can't speak to what other bookkeepers are offering at $15-$20/hr. What we can say about our services, is that your records will be kept by a CPA and QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor with over 10 years of accounting and auditing experience. We can even complete your income tax return at the end of the year, and quarterly sales tax returns. You're not just getting bookkeeping at our rate; you're getting confidence that your books are accurate, peace of mind that your business is in good hands, and assurance that you're receiving quality work. You should also know that there's nothing more expensive than having to undo the work done by an inexperienced bookkeeper (and we know because we've earned quite a few clients because of them)!

6) What are your bookkeeping rates, and how do I pay for your bookkeeping services?
Our monthly bookkeeping services start at $400/mo. We have a quarterly review option available for clients performing their own bookkeeping that find a quarterly review helpful. The majority of our clients are on flat-rate plans based on their bookkeeping needs. As part of your onboarding process, you'll complete an payment authorization form that allows your payment to be processed on the 1st of each month. It's that simple -- same amount each month and no fluctuating bills. Services such as catch-up bookkeeping, QuickBooks clean-up, training and setup can carry different hourly rates or may be billed at a flat-rate. These rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.


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